2018 Legal Salary Guide

Stella Tang - 22/01/2018
2018 Legal Salary Guide

Legal and in-house lawyer salaries in Hong Kong based on years' experience and whether with or without HKICS / CSA qualifications, quoted in HKD per annum.

Legal Salaries

Legal Support Years of experience Qualification HKICS / CSA HK$ (basic per annum)
Company Secretarial Assistant 1 - 3 without 180k - 280k
Company Secretarial Officer 4 - 7 with or without 280k - 360k
Senior Company Secretarial Officer 7 - 10 with 360k - 420k
Assistant Company Secretarial Manager 10 - 15 with 420k - 600k
Company Secretarial Manager 15+ with 600k - 800k
Company Secretary 20+ with 800k - 1,400k
Paralegal 0 - 5   240k - 480k
Paralegal 6 - 10   480k - 700k
Paralegal 11 - 15   700k - 840k
Paralegal 15+   950k+
In-House Lawyer HK$ (basic per annum)
Newly Qualified - 2 years PQE 600k - 950k
3 - 5 years PQE 950k - 1,300k
6 - 8 years PQE 1,300k - 1,800k
8 - 10 years PQE 1,800k - 2,200k
10 - 15 years PQE 2,200k - 2,500k
15+ years PQE 2,500k+

Commentary on Legal Roles and Remuneration in Hong Kong for 2018

Legal recruitment in Hong Kong has remained competitive as financial services firms continue to place focus on adhering to regulations, compliance and outsourcing activities.

The demand for legal support including paralegal and company secretary roles continues as a result of turnover and we are seeing a shift in demand for in-house legal counsel with 4-6 years PQE. 

A number of qualified lawyers are making the move to in-house legal counsel roles for financial institutions. On the candidate side, this change is motivated by lifestyle needs and the similar base salary available. Good lawyers can move with more than 20% base increment depending on the role and coverage. Chinese financial institutions tend to have smaller legal teams, requiring candidates to fulfil some company secretarial work as part of their responsibilities. 

Basic salary increment for legal support roles can range from 15-20%. In-house legal counsel roles can range between 18-20%, depending on the qualifications and experience of candidates.

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