Contracting to Support the Millennial Lifestyle

Chloe Chan - 15/08/2018
Contracting to support the millennial lifestyle

The growing trend of contract roles to support back office and HR functions looks set to continue, as both clients and candidates reflect openly about the benefits in today’s workplace. Regular maternity cover and usual business need placements have been bolstered by projects resulting from new regulations and restructuring. Candidates can expect opportunities in HR system usability testing, compensation, benefits and payroll handling and accounting system projects. Freelance IT specialists are always in demand. 

Quite often, maternity and usual business needs placements turn into permanent contracts which can be a key component of their appeal. Companies can gain a thorough understanding of candidates’ skillsets before offering full time roles. Candidates can also experience the work and culture of the organisation before committing for the longer term. 

Clients are frequently seeking mature, seasoned candidates able to pick up new tasks quickly and contribute from day one. Experienced candidates, including those looking to return to work, are often attracted to contract roles for the flexibility that allows them to spend time meeting family obligations. But contracting work appeals much more broadly than in recent years. Younger candidates are also receptive to contracting opportunities. The flexibility, option to take a break between projects and to gain exposure to different industries appeals to the millennial generation who place emphasis on lifestyle and travel. Contracting also supports those studying part time, as they are able to take one to two months break for campus visits. We are also seeing niche opportunities provide a way for foreign language speakers to find work in Hong Kong – evidenced by a number of Japanese speaking positions resulting in relocations from abroad. 

Expectations are set for year-on-year growth in contracting positions, as the balance of positions available in the workforce tips towards part-time and flexible opportunities. If you are interested to learn more about contracting in Hong Kong, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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