Growing Opportunities for Ruby Software Developers

Cayan Tsim 13.08.2018

Today, computer code is at the heart of every modern business.

With demand for software developers at an all-time high, opportunities are plentiful to build websites, ecommerce sites and mobile web products. 

Though traditional programming language skills remain important, successful software developers are those able to continually adapt and upskill to meet changing needs. With its growth to become one of the top 10 popular programming languages for its elegant syntax, the dynamic programming language – Ruby - is currently in high demand. While much of its popularity is attributed to the Ruby On Rails web framework, Ruby is easy to learn and creates cleaner code with fewer bugs. Its focus on simplicity and productivity make it suitable for front and back end projects, explaining its appeal.

Despite the abundance of start up talent, demand for Ruby is not currently being met within Hong Kong. This has been revealed through the volume of Ruby Software Developer hires from abroad. Hong Kong talent with Ruby in their portfolio can access exciting assignments from leading employers, making this the ideal time to upskill.  

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