How 5G Creates Job Opportunities in Hong Kong

Robert Sheffield
September 26, 20194 mins read

The next revolution of technology, the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications, has been the talk for some time now

You many have heard of 5G, but the question is “do you really know what it is actually for?” The technology, 5G, is far more than just keeping up with the trend of wireless competition. It is a about a distinctive type of unparalleled connectivity. Dissimilar to its predecessors, the speed of 5G is almost instantly, making it possible to power widespread adoption of technologies abuzz today. This is including remote doctor visits and surgery, autonomous vehicles, and smart city technology that induce the safety of the communities, cleanliness, and efficient running. With a remarkable technology like this and when it becomes widely available across Hong Kong, we can rest assured that it will result to economic growth, job creation, and increased customer welfare.

Apparently, we cannot discuss the advantages and possibilities of this fifth generation mobile networking without mentioning 8K streaming, driver-less cars, as well as instant text and speech translation. When we talk of 5G, we are simply talking of a network with fast connectivity. This also means that 5G has engendered a radical change to the speed by which digital tasks are done – collecting data on your smartphone, sending away data for analysis, etc. This technology is definitely going to be tremendously significant and impactful to different industries. Industries such as manufacturing, information and communications, and wholesale are retail are going to be very big beneficiaries of this technology in Hong Kong.

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The fifth generation of mobile technology will provide a foundation that allows the connection of limitless amounts of machines to one another for daily communication. The remarkable features of a 5G network are as much as the imminent job opportunities it will provide. Imagine having a network that supports a million of devices to be connected per square kilometer. I know you will agree with me that is magnificent. Also imagine having a network that supports transmission of a package of data with just 1 millisecond delay, and provides peak data download speed of as much as 20 gbps. It is time to stop the imagination, for 5G network is about to make it all a reality.

It is quite pleasing for the citizens of Hong Kong to be aware that the Hong Kong government has interest in adopting this global trend. In the former part of July 2018, the Communication Authority of Hong Kong made an announcement that 4500 MHz of new spectrum is multitudes of frequency bands will be available to provide 5G services. Out of this, a particular percentage will be freely offered to assist in driving down the cost and the accompanying service fee to end users. Additionally, Hong Kong government will be installing 5G infrastructure for trial on 400 smart lampposts in 4 different urban areas.

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The emergence of the 5G technology is a thing of joy to the people of Hong Kong, especially for the fact that it will create more job opportunities for them:

The 5G technology will have an impact in the transport systems of Hong Kong, in the sense that it is required for the manufacturing and effectiveness of driverless cars. Although this may destroy some jobs in Hong Kong, it definitely will create more jobs. For the vehicles, it will require extensive human programming and management to effectively run.  Older and disabled residents of Hong Kong may also get to work again with the invention of driverless cars, perhaps in the delivery department of some companies.

Definitely, autonomous vehicles are not the only machines that will exert the power of 5G technology but still require human programming and management. Machines like industrial robots and sensors will also make use of the 5G technology for efficient interaction. These machines are not foolproof and will in part need the intervention of human, which is another reason why residents of Hong Kong are about to perceive increase in their job opportunities. 

Among the industries of Hong Kong that will benefit from the 5G technology is the Healthcare industry. The technology supports wearable devices that help in monitoring patients, securing online consultations via HD video, remote procedures such as use of smart pills and robotic surgery. The level at which the IT industry of Hong Kong liaises with the health industry is currently insignificant, and the 5G technology is about to change this while creating more job opportunities.

The 5G technology may also inspire the establishment of “smart cities” in Hong Kong – the operational efficiency, sharing of information, and traffic management needed to manage smart cities will definitely create more job opportunities for the people in Hong Kong.

Should you need any information on how to grasp one of the many opportunities the 5G technology will offer, do not hesitate to contact me.

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