How to Become an Inspiring Leader

Beatrix Lee 14.12.2018

Ivy Kwan, our recruitment Manager in Contracting has recently been interviewed by SCMP to share her tips on How to Become an Inspiring Leader

Please read below her key tips:

According to Ivy Kwan, recruitment manager with specialist consultancy Morgan McKinley, the first priority for any boss who aims to inspire is to have a clear goal and vision for their team. With that, it becomes easier to set intermediate objectives, steer everyone in the same direction, and get the buy-in needed to build unity and purpose.

“The best managers lead by example, living and breathing the values they share with their teams,” Kwan says. “In terms of acquiring the necessary skills, I believe the most effective way is through handson, practical experience. Challenges faced are a valuable chance to learn, and so are mistakes, provided you don’t make them more than once.”

Kwan adds that regular feedback, highlighting both the good and not so good areas of performance, is vital for anyone looking to climb the management ladder. Finding suitable role models can also be a useful spur in helping individuals reach higher, strive harder, and overcome perceived barriers.

“Nowadays, as social media becomes a bigger platform, young people find heroes and role models there. But they only see what’s on the surface,” Kwan says. “Overall, it’s better to look for examples among the people around you, observe them, and see what’s helped them succeed. It also makes sense to learn from the history books, and from inspirational figures like Steve Jobs. A lot of people can relate to what he did, his background and his speeches, and can admire how he started something from scratch.”

Kwan further notes that if managers at any level want to make the most of their own talents – and push their teams to excel – they must take the time to explore different concepts and expand their own mindset. In this respect, she often recommends The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle, especially for young people just starting out. “He is a German-born Canadian author who shows the power of living in the moment and how to achieve more,” Kwan says. “The book changed my perspective by reminding me that you should not be absorbed by your ego, and should be more observant of what’s happening around you.

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