How SecDevOps Answers Today’s Business Challenges

Jessie Wu - 15/10/2018
How SecDevOps is creating new opportunities in IT

Development and operations have been buzz-words for the revolutionary way of combining business philosophy, collaboration and automation to improve speed and quality. Major brands have adopted the DevOps approach to reap the benefits of optimised performance, organisation and quality assurance. This new methodology for agile development is at the core of digital transformation – a hot area in IT recruitment. 

But what about security? With increasing numbers of high-profile data breaches affecting corporations, cyber-crime has become the biggest threat to every organisation. The delivery of projects under the DevOps model often run separately to security checking procedures. In fact, the security component is often regarded as a ‘last task’ that holds up project timelines. When security is a lower priority than development, the business is at risk. The need for a rebalance of priorities is clear. 

Firms exposed to greater regulations, or that deliver iterated development products, are at risk from attacks inside the production system. Security implemented at every stage of the deployment pipeline protects businesses from outside and inside attacks. Mature companies are finding immense value in combining the concepts of Security and DevOps together and have begun to focus on a SecDevOps approach. The use of security tools ahead of time not only adds efficiency but provides the strongest line of defence for businesses and their clients. But just as DevOps has grown from a way of thinking to a business model in its own right - so must SecDevOps. A cultural shift is required in which every level of an organisation must treat security as the most important component. 

As this future path in IT materialises, Security and DevOps will continue to be hot areas in recruitment.  An indicator for where SecDevOps is headed can be seen in Singapore, where the talent pool is well established. Candidates with the combination of past exposure to infrastructure projects, software development skills and project management experience are in high demand. Salaries are high and the opportunity to create processes and be part of the cultural shift make it an attractive field for IT professionals. SecDevOps talent within Hong Kong is currently lacking, which creates opportunities for Junior IT professionals with single specialisms and exposure to one or both other areas, to join teams and learn on the job. 

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