How to successfully negotiate salaries and offers

Monica Wong - 27/06/2017
Negotiating Salaries and Offers

Negotiating a salary when you are offered the job can be an awkward discussion. What is the best way to ask for what you want and is there a better time to do it?

This learning path gives you tips on how to start the discussion, how to be a better negotiator and when you shouldn't be negotiating at all. Sign up for the Career Ally Hub and access all the tips on how to successfully negotiate your pay:

  • Preparing for a pay negotiation - Pay negotiation can be a tricky process, so it is best that you are prepared before you start the discussion. Here, employers give advice on how you can prepare for the negotiation.
  • How to respond to a pay/package offer - When you are offered a job, you don't need to blindly accept the salary package that's offered. In this video, these employers give their tips how best to respond to a salary offer.
  • Opening the pay negotiation discussion - Employers explain when and how you can open a discussion during the interview about one of the more awkward topics: pay negotiation.
  • Dealing with pay negotiation objections - During a salary negotiation, it's possible the employer will refuse your request. What can you do when they say 'no'? Employers share their tips how to deal with these refusals.


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