HR 2016 Salary Guide

Robert Sheffield
January 18, 20164 mins read

The HR 2016 Salary Guide covers salary ranges for professionals working in generalist human resources, recruitment and talent acquisition, training and development, compensation and benefits and in other HR positions.

Hiring across Hong Kong’s human resources (HR) market remains stable. The Asia HR market remains a developing discipline with lots of potential with a growing demand for strategic HR leaders.

HR has evolved significantly within the talent acquisition space, in a number of multinational businesses in Asia moving the in-house recruitment function to use either: a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or a Managed Service Outsourcing (MSP) model for cost saving purposes. Furthermore, banks continue to offshore operational HR teams in order to reduce costs.

There has been an increase in China-based firms acquiring businesses globally and using Hong Kong as a key hub as their global headquarters; this has created HR director level opportunities with a global remit. Such China firms require professionals with mergers and acquisitions, as well as HR transformation project experience. They will also look for professionals with international HR experience, and professionals with a strong understanding of the Chinese culture and fluency in Mandarin are essential. Additionally this has presented more mobility opportunities for locally based candidates to gain experience working outside of the Asia region.

Typically HR professionals are dominated by females. Within large multinationals particularly in the banking industry diversity is a growing topic and whilst they will look to hire the best candidates in the market for the job, more efforts are being put in place to consider and encourage more men in to the discipline to better balance the gender mix.

At an HR operational level, professionals tend to be locally based Chinese professionals, as having knowledge of the Hong Kong labour law is important. At the senior level, professionals from more developed markets, such as Europe, Australia or the USA, may be recruited to introduce HR best practices. However, in contrast to this, there are as many businesses that will look to attract locally based candidates with the Chinese language skills to lead their HR function depending on the growth market in the Asia region.

Permanent positions dominate Hong Kong’s HR market with contracting positions on the increase as the overall HR sector continues to develop. Being a female dominated discipline, a proportion of contract positions are created for maternity cover. However, there are seasonal volumes within specialist disciplines such as campus recruitment, compensation and benefits, talent acquisition where by contract positions are created to help manage such volumes.

In 2016, salaries are expected to remain stable, and any increments will be between 5%-10%. For external moves, salary increases remain at a general market rate of 10%-15%. Professionals in the talent and organisational development are generally highly sought-after and achieve salary increments of up to 20%. 

Commerce & Industry

HR VP / Head $120k+
HR Director $76k - $120k
Senior HR Manager $60k - $76k
HR Manager $43k - $60k
Assistant HR Manager $35k - $43k
HR Senior Officer $28 - $35k
HR Officer / Assistant $16k - $28k
Talent Acquisition Head $76k+
Talent Acquisition Manager $43k - $76k
Talent Acqusition Specialist $23k - $43k
Organisational Development Head $76k - $120k
Talent Development / Learning & Development Director $63k - $120k
Learning & Development Training Manager $43k - $63k
Learing & Development Assistant Training Manager $32k - $43k
Learning & Development Senior Officer $28k - $40k
Learning & Development Officer $16k - $28k
Compensation and Benefits Director $70k - $90k
Compensation and Benefits Manager $40k - $70k
Compensation and Benefits Assistant Manager $28k - $40k
Compensation and Benefits Specialist $21k - $28k

Financial Services


HR Director / Head $130k+
HR Manager / HR Business Partner $66k - $130k
Associate / Assistant HR Manager $32k - $54k
HR Officer / Assistant $18k - $25k
Talent Acquisition Head / Director $115k+
Talent Acquisition Manager $50k - $110k
Talent Acquisition Specialist $30k - $50k
Talent Acquisition Coordinator $20k - $30k
Learning & Development Head $125k+
Talent Development / Organisational Development Director $125k+
Learning & Development Manager $70k - $125k
Learning & Development Specialist $50k - $70k
Learning & Development Officer / Coordinator $20k - $28k
Compensation and Benefits Head $120k+
Compensation and Benefits Manager $40k - $80k
Compensation and Benefits Specialist $28k - $40k
Compensation and Benefits Officer / Coordinator $15k - 28k
Payroll Manager $40k - $60k
Payroll Specialist $25k - $34k
Global Mobility Manager $75k - $105k
Global Mobility Specialist $40k - $62k
Shared Service / HR Operations Manager $45k - $80k


HR Director / Head $125k+
HR Manager / HR Business Partner $66k - $125k
Associate / Assistant HR Manager $32k - $54k
HR Officer / Assistant $18k - $25k
Recruitment Coordinator $20k - $28k
Recruitment Specialist $35k - $70k
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