Q3 2019 Sales & Marketing Recruitment Trends

Fion Li
October 18, 20193 mins read

Your quarterly update on the Sales & Marketing market, where we provide you with insights from both the previous and upcoming quarters.

What were the market trends for last quarter?

Traditional marketing is no longer have big influence over the consumers’ purchase. Instead, most of the brands focus on building the online presence to engage their target customers and get the market insights from the online data. Social media platforms and digital technology are still the hot trend in the market -  data is important in getting the customer experience, companies are able to collect data from social media platforms and analyse the customer behaviour to enhance the customer experience management. It helps the business to be more efficient on targeting the right customers.

Sales & Marketing recruitment trends

What are the major skills in demand?

Companies are willing to hire talents who specialised skills in new technologies or collaborate with agency to create intelligence. The sales and marketing community is expending technology as an integral part of the transformation. Candidates with experience in digital technology and market research are highly on demand. An in-depth knowledge of customer experience management or loyalty marketing are an essential for most of the brands and company. It is suggested candidates to learn more about the new digital technology, so that they will be more competitive in the market.

What are the skill gap shortages?

Some of the candidates are lacking the regional sales and marketing experience. For instance, most of the regional headquarters of the multi-national corporations from the FMCG industry are based out of Singapore and Shanghai. For the few MNCs which the regional centres are based in Hong Kong, they would demand candidates with relevant experience with strong regional exposure. This would result in a huge gap because the other marketing candidates from the MNCs only possess local experience. Some of these employers would opt for overseas candidates to fill up the posts.

Sales & Marketing recruitment trends

What is the outlook for the next quarter?

This new ‘digital’ environment has created a lot of opportunities for startup companies as they are developing new emerging technology and funded by the government. The startup companies can be seen a remarkable progression in the pasted few years. In this year, more startup companies will increase their headcount for sales and marketing professionals as they are preparing to launch their product or services into the marketplace. Many large companies also chose to out source the digital marketing service to startup companies to reduce the marketing cost. 

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