Four tips on how to impress your prospective employer through speech and body language

Robert Sheffield
August 5, 20192 mins read

The job interview is a rigorous and mentally taxing process.

Chances are you are one of many people fighting for one position within the company and you need to make a lasting impression. The following four tips on how you present yourself may give you just the edge you need to come out above the rest.

First Impressions

Recent psychological research suggests that we have about 7/10ths of a second to make a first impression. When you walk into the room, make sure all the correct body language is there. Keep your chin up, stand up straight, smile, project your voice, and greet the person while extending your arm with a nice firm handshake. Winning a good first impression is already half the battle.

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During the Interview

When speaking during the interview it is easy to forget what message our body language is communicating to the other party. Body language says a lot about your confidence level, personality, and hence perceived capability. As a rule of thumb, always remember to sit up straight,lean your upper body slightly forward, maintain eye contact, and keep your arms in a neutral position – whether on the table or on your lap. Don’t chew gum, fidget, or cross your arms.

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Speak with Confidence and Precision

It’s what you say, and how you say it. Your job is to instil confidence that you have what it takes for the role. Demonstrate your ability with hard-examples from your work experience that match what the role requires. Start by stating outcomes followed by examples, the more the better. Remember to project your voice. If you tend to say “umm” between words, replace it with a short breath instead.

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Start strong, end strong

The interview is finished but do not let your guard down just yet. Always close the discussion properly. Remember the interviewer has made arrangements out of their busy day to meet with you. Thank him/her for their time, shake their hand again, and let them know you enjoyed speaking with them. 

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