When Your Company Relocates - 3 Options for Finance Professionals

David Yung - 10/10/2018
When Your Company Relocates - 3 Options for Finance Professionals

A growing trend among multi-national corporations is to move their headquarters abroad, to facilitate a closer connection to local markets. High-tech manufacturing, chemical, electronics and pharmaceutical companies are moving to Shanghai to tap into the China market. Those seeking access to South East Asia regard Singapore as an attractive location.

Senior employees with family attachments in Hong Kong are not always willing to make the move and we have seen a volume of senior finance professionals hitting the recruitment market.

The decision for finance directors to take redundancy can provide the opportunity to move their career in a slightly new direction, though they should be prepared for it to take 3-6 months to get back into the market with a sustainable, career progressing role.

To secure their next long-term position, senior execs can consider the following options:

  • Country-level finance director positions. These roles require strong business partnership capabilities and an in-depth knowledge of the Hong Kong, Macau and China market. Senior finance executives will work across departments to gain insights for analytics, representing an excellent opportunity to understand the culture of a company.
  • Financial speciality function roles within multi-national or blue-chip companies. This is a hot area for hiring this year. Those with specialism in data analytics, internal control and compliance and business partnering are in high demand and will be highly rewarded.
  • Hong Kong based NGOs and charities. We have seen an increase in demand for senior finance professionals with experience gained within multi-nationals, to join NGOs and high-profile charities. These represent an excellent opportunity for general finance professionals.


Certainly, the options exist for senior professionals to secure their next position in Hong Kong. Those wishing to understand more about the market and specific opportunities are welcome to contact me to discuss further.  

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