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Retail powered by AI creates opportunities for tech professionals
Pinki Chan - 09/05/2018
Whilst the finance industry has long invested in tech, we are seeing interesting trends emerge within the retail sector that are creating exciting...
Banking Shakes Up Search for Developers
Eddie Cheng - 09/03/2018
Traditionally IT roles within financial services have targeted candidates from within the industry. Having heavily invested in technology over the...
2018 IT Salary Guide
Eddie Cheng - 22/01/2018
IT salaries and contract rates for IT and tech professionals working in financial services or commerce and industry (C&I) in Hong Kong in 2018
Negotiating Salaries and Offers
Monica Wong - 27/06/2017
Negotiating a salary when you are offered the job can be an awkward discussion. What is the best way to ask for what you want and is there a better...